Is your fleet disturbing your sleep ?

GPS Tracking Products and Services

In the world today, businesses are suffering from rising fuel costs, road tax, congestion charges, and vehicle maintenance costs.  Whilst facing this rising cost assault, clients are expecting better service with the ability to find out information on demand.

Sometimes when a client says those immortal words “Where is the driver now ?” or “What time will the driver arrive ?”. Do you find yourself calling the driver or rider hoping they will answer their phone, or hoping when they do answer their mobile phone they do so in a safe manner.

With a vehicle tracking system from Palace Communications Ltd, you can find out accurate real time data at any time 24 hrs a day from any computer with an internet connection. With the ability to get fully details reports by email on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

The system is fully customisable, allowing it to automatically track vehicle usage, mileage, servicing schedules and even now can incorporate a Sat Nav screen giving the ability to sent messages inaddional to job data and addresses. For example imagine if you vehicles could email you to tell you they need and MOT or the road tax is due to expire, or even that it is almost due for a service.

With its detailed alerts system, accurate data can be obtain in the use of any vehicle in your fleet include the most important statistic misuse for example: Harsh acceleration, Harsh braking, Speeding, unauthorised stopping. You can even fence a whole area on the system to allow you to be notified if a vehicle enters or exits this zone.

The use of a tracking system from Palace Communications Ltd could change managing and monitoring you fleet from a headache to a joy, an lets face it if you paying the bills or even responsible for the budget – It is invaluable........

For a more info or free trial contact us or 02086702475 Opt.1  

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