Push to talk over cellular technology

The push to talk service makes nationwide group communications across mobile wireless GPRS and broadband IP network a reality. Push the button on your PTT phone and you can talk to your entire team together, instantly, in real time, wherever you are or they are, all using national GSM networks or IP networks.

PTTi is

  • A proven communication service
  • The most reliable way to share information in your teams
  • unrestricted by private network footprint
  • A nationwide and international service
  • Able to provide rapid deployment with no frequency license to purchase

Sonim Land Rover Phone
Sonim Land Rover Phone

The Land Rover phone is the device of choice for the majority of PTT users transitioning from two way radio, overtly rugged, simple in its operation and comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty. The Sonim / Land Rover phone has proven to be reliable,…full description >

£ 250.00